A selection of testimonials from Mr Price’s patients:

“I just wanted to write a quick email to thank Mr Price for a very informative and helpful consultation and most importantly the wonderful job he made of under eyes. It was my first consultation with him on Saturday just gone. I went with a few concerns, one being I’d had some filler under my eyes done over a year ago, although it was good under one eye the other eye hadn’t been the outcome I’d hoped for and I wasn’t sure if it was more to do with the shape of my face on that side, Mr Price assured me it wasn’t. Too cut a long story short he carried out the procedure under both eyes and I’m elated. I had no real swelling or bruises afterwards and more importantly It’s made such a difference, for the first time in a long time I haven’t had to cake on concealer under my eyes and I Just wanted to let him know how thrilled I am with the outcome. We did also discuss fat grafting and it’s certainly something I will be thinking about but for the moment I’m enjoying this as it has achieved a better result than I could have had hoped for, please thank him from me.” *
Mrs KH

“I just want to say thank you for everything you have done for me. Before I used to wear dresses as [my partner] liked me too. Now I wear dresses because I feel really good. I have gone from a 16/18 to a 12/14. I feel sexy again as you can see from my visits. My tummy is healing really well and I am truly grateful for everything.” *
Julie C

“Thank you for changing my life” (Breast Reduction) *
Mrs SG

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the amazing transformation you have given me. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Your no nonsense attitude and sense of humour really did make a huge difference to me in making the decision to have this surgery, of which I’ve been contemplating for some years. Thank you once again, this has really made such a difference in many aspects of my daily living.” *
Beverly M

“Thank you for seeing me today for my final consultation. I was thrilled to see the “before” photos today that the photographer showed me. I know that I initially signed consent forms etc but I just wanted to reiterate that I am completely happy for you to use the before and after photos of my abdominoplasty anywhere you feel fit. I am so completely happy with the results and extremely proud of my new stomach, especially my belly button. All the best and thank you once again.” *

“I would just like to say a really big thank you for the recent surgery. I had a mole removed off my top lip last Wednesday. I was a total nightmare as I was so worried. However a week later I am over the moon and couldn’t be happier with the results. The scar can hardly been seen and it has healed so well. So many people keep saying what a fantastic outcome and thats all thanks to Mr Price. Thank you so much, it really has made me so much more confident. Just wish Ihad had it done years ago. Thank you.” *
Rachel N

“Not sure if it’s appropriate for a patient to Facebook message the surgeon but, I wanted to say, you are a Belly Button God!!!!! I removed my dressings today to shower, and I have a nicer stomach than before I had children! I cannot tell you how happy I am! Thank you.” *

“I had a neck lift and chin liposuction on 2nd July 2015 (eight weeks ago) and I’m extremely pleased with the results. I thoroughly recommend Mr Price to anyone. I felt it was worth paying a little more (than the many special offers you can get today) to have an excellent surgeon at a good hospital. I wasn’t disappointed. The worse bit was wearing a bandage (round my head and under my chin) for the first week (the ears were swelling a lot under the bandage). There was no pain but a little discomfort. Six days later the stitches were taken out and Mr Price was so clever (he had hidden the stitch-line near the ear) that no one could see where the stitches had been. I felt like a new woman as soon as the stitches were out. I wore a scarf round my neck, to cover the small amount of swelling and bruising, for the following few weeks. Today (eight weeks after my operation) my ears are still a little numb (but it is early days) but everything else has healed (including the slight bruising and swelling I had). I’m back to my hobbies of walking, dancing and swimming. I didn’t tell friends and family about the operation, in-fact I told them I had lost a stone in weight (which actually is true) and they said, it showed and I was looking good. I wish to send my many thanks to Mr Price. This was a 60th birthday treat, to myself, and I’m delighted with the natural looking results. Thank you.” *

“Wow, I can’t believe that every morning my double chin and sagging neck has gone! I feel ten years younger (I am in my 60s and look like I’m in my 50s). Every morning (for two years) I expected to see the old me but Mr Price has completely changed my life. My friends and family think the new look is from slimming and a fitness regime because the look is so natural. No body knows I had cosmetic surgery. I’m living my dream thanks to Mr Price. Thank you so much.” *

“I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for your wonderful care and attention, not to mention outstanding results following my recent breast augmentation. Your skilful work, post operative vigilance, professional care and kindness have made me extremely pleased that I chose you as my surgeon. The implant you recommended for me has given me a wonderful, natural shape that has exceeded all expectations.” *
Mrs RP

“I had a face and neck lift done by Dr. Richard Price five weeks ago and I am more than happy with the results and procedure. I always believed that this was a movie-star type of thing, and not a procedure for common people like me. However, I consulted Dr. Price searching for some minor improvements on my aged face, “without surgery” … I said at that first consultation. He showed me pictures of his previous patients and there I discovered that a face lift can result in a natural face, and not just in a doll-type of Hollywood image. It did not take me long to make up my mind and i went for it. The surgery went all right. It was a little uncomfortable the first week, but not painful. Two weeks later I first went out with a bit of makeup. Three weeks later I went back to work without telling anything to anyone. Now I look exactly as i did before undesirable aging signs came to my face. I am glad I did this.” *
Mrs EG

“I want to thank you for looking after me so well during my recent breast reduction surgery. The excellent care I received before, during and after the procedure was second to none. I am extremely happy with the result and very pleased with my new shape, and it is a huge relief to finally be free of back and neck ache. I appreciate your dedication, attentiveness and expertise, and especially your kindness and consideration at all times. I am thankful I had you as my surgeon and would willingly recommend you to anyone who may be considering the same procedure.” *
Mrs JL

“Firstly, thank you very much for the treatment I received. I was very pleased in the service, and the treatment itself was fantastic. Thanks again for the great service I received (I have recommended you to many people), and should I require any further cosmetic treatment I will be sure to come to you.” *
Mrs JB

“Thank you so much for listening to me and looking after me. I feel so lucky to have had you as my surgeon. Your attention to detail and care of me meant a lot.” *
Mrs LJ

“It’s been a year today I had my tummy tuck, and it’s great! Had to give up smoking for my breast reduction and it’s 1 year of no smoking, A big thank you for both fantastic ops Mr Price, I’m So much more confident now!” *

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.