Restylane® / Juvederm® / Belotero®

The use of non-surgical treatments to enhance the face is one of the biggest growth areas within cosmetic surgery. Injectable treatments mainly fall into two groups – filler injections and botulinum toxins, each of which do very different things. For more information on botulinum injections, please click here.

Historically, most filler injections were made of collagen but over the last 20 years a product called Hyaluronic Acid has emerged as the best filler.  It is entirely natural and blends well with your normal tissues. There are many companies producing this filler but the commonest brands in the UK are Restylane® and Juvederm®.

Filler injections aim to plump up skin and soften creases or folds – most commonly those around the mouth and nose. Other uses include adding volume to the cheeks to give stronger cheekbones or better shape to the face around the eyes. Fillers are not normally used to take away crows feet, frown lines or forehead wrinkles – this would normally be treated with botulinum toxin.

Because the filler is entirely natural, your body will slowly break it down over a period of months (usually 6-9) – however, some will remain permanently and although repeat treatments are necessary, there will be a slow build up over time.

Mr Price spent a number of years researching the material contained within Restylane® and Juvederm® and is therefore in a very good position to advise you on the subject. He undertakes this procedure in the outpatient clinic during your appointment. Please note that you should contact Mr Price’s secretary prior to your appointment to ensure that the filler has been ordered (mainly for out-of-hours appointments).

The commonest problem with injections is causing bruising and you should therefore plan your consultation/treatment around any social events you have. Rarer problems include lumpiness and infection of the filler.

To make an appointment to discuss Dermal Fillers in Cambridge, please contact Mr Price’s secretary.