The consultation process is the means by which Mr Price will assess you and determine how he can best help you. The aims are to work out what operation or procedure would best give you the results you seek, and to advise you on what is realistic to expect from surgery.

Your initial consultation with Mr Price usually lasts up to half an hour, depending upon your needs. In that time Mr Price will ask you about your problem and assess your concerns. He will want to know all about you – when you first noticed the problem, how it is changing (or not), etc. He will want to know whether you have had previous surgery, how your body is changing with time, whether you have any medical problems or take any medicines.

Mr Price will then examine you, with a nurse present if necessary. He will assess your skin characteristics, where there is laxity and where there is not, and make an assessment of how best to help you. He may examine other scars to see how well you heal, and he will probably take some measurements.

The decision regarding how best to proceed is a joint one; Mr Price and yourself will need to decide what is best for you as an individual; every patient is different and so your assessment is unique; you should not assume that just because a friend had a particular procedure, this is best for you.

At the end of the consultation you are free to walk away – there is no obligation to proceed with surgery if you don’t wish to, or if Mr Price does not feel that you would receive significant benefit. The consultation carries a fee regardless of your decision to proceed; it is a separate process.

Minor procedures (such as mole or skin cancer removal, or split earlobe correction) can be carried out in Peterborough or Cambridge, but surgery requiring admission to hospital as either a day  case or an overnight stay will only be offered in Cambridge.

To arrange a consultation, please contact Mr Price’s secretary.