Facelift surgery is carried out in a similar fashion to Facelift surgery for women, but men seeking this surgery should be aware of a number of features specific to male Facelifts.

The incisions in men follow similar lines but as the excess facial skin is removed, the sideburns are moved backwards and/or partly removed. This means that the narrow area of hairless skin in front of the ear, behind the sideburn, may be lost. The alternative is to have a scar running in front of this hairless area, but this will narrow the sideburns and is something you should discuss carefully with Mr Price prior to surgery.

As with all male cosmetic surgery, the subtleties of the final appearance are very important – men’s faces tolerate the ‘operated upon’ look less than women’s. The distribution of facial hair and short hairstyles means that hiding facial surgery scars is harder.

To make an appointment to discuss male Face Lift surgery in Cambridge, please contact Mr Price’s secretary.