A Mid Face Lift aims to rejuvenate the area immediately below the eyelid, over the front of the cheek bone. With ageing the fat pads that normally sit here, giving the cheek a rounded appearance, drop lower on the face and give a sallow look – often mistaken for tiredness. The Mid Face Lift attempts to correct this drop by repositioning the tissues over the cheekbone.

Mr Price undertakes the procedure either alone or, more commonly, as part of a Lower Blepharoplasty, when the same incision is used, but extended into the lines outside the eye (crows feet). This is necessary because the lift allows for removal of more skin than in a standard Blepharoplasty.

The main risk in this procedure is injury to the nerve that gives sensation to the cheek and upper lip; it emerges from the cheekbone just below the eye, in precisely the area that needs to be rejuvenated. Mr Price will tell you more about this during your consultation.

The operation takes place under a General Anaesthetic and you will stay in hospital for 1 night. After the operation you will go home with a few small pieces of tape on the face, but no big dressings. It is very common for the lips to be numb for a week or two after the operation, but unusual for this to be permanent. You will have a small amount of swelling and a ‘stiff’ feeling to the face for several months – although only you should notice this.

To make an appointment to discuss Mid Face Lift surgery in Cambridge, please contact Mr Price’s secretary.