Ageing changes in the face are reflected by the position of the eyebrow. With time, the brow drops from its normal position to give the appearance of tiredness and lowering of the upper eyelids. A Brow Lift Procedure aims to lift the position of the forehead and brow and are commonly performed in conjunction with an eyelid reduction, or for facial weakness (facial palsy).

Mr Price will assess you carefully to determine whether you need a Brow Lift in addition to a Blepharoplasty, or whether a Blepharoplasty alone is needed. It is unusual to need only a Brow Lift without reference to the upper eyelid.

There are several ways to lift the brow, including a direct brow lift, an open brow lift, and an endoscopic brow lift.

A direct brow lift takes skin out of the forehead above the eyebrow, leaving a scar on the forehead. This can be placed in a crease, or placed against the eyebrow in order to minimise its appearance – but it will still be there.

An open brow lift is where the skin is cut along the length of the hairline and the brow lifted from above. This gives the biggest lift, without moving the hairline (indeed it can lower it slightly) but does produce the longest scars.

An Endoscopic Brow Lift is undertaken via three or five small incisions within the hair and telescopic surgery used to lift the forehead. It can lift the brow by up to about 10mm and has the most discrete scars. For this reason it is the commonest type of brow lift undertaken cosmetically. Using the telescope, the tissues of the forehead are lifted from the hair, all the way down to the eyebrow. The tissues are then retracted backwards and held in position against the bone of the forehead. This is usually by special sutures under the skin, but occasionally small screws are needed – these are removed after a week, in outpatients.

After the operation there will be stitches or staples in the incisions in the hair and your head will be bandaged. There will be some (limited) swelling, but you will notice more the swelling from your Blepharoplasty operation.

The operation is usually very successful. Recognised problems are changes in the sensation over the scalp, caused by injury to the nerves as they pass from the eyebrow backwards, weakness of the forehead, and asymmetry. It is not an operation to remove wrinkles on the forehead – Botox® is better suited for this purpose.

To make an appointment to discuss Brow Lift surgery in Cambridge, please contact Mr Price’s secretary.