Occasionally cosmetic surgery does not go the way that either the surgeon or the patient wishes; results may be asymmetrical, scars can be poor, or your confidence in the surgeon can fail. This can happen to all doctor-patient relationships and no surgeon is immune to poor outcomes.

Sometimes the outcome is poor because there has been a complication, or the surgery was not carried out as well as might have been hoped. In other cases there has been a breakdown in communication between the two parties and what the patient expected was not what the surgeon expected. Perhaps not all the risks were fully explained, or not clearly enough.

It is not always possible to fully correct surgery that has gone wrong but often there is something that can be done to improve the results of surgery. Mr Price is an experienced surgeon who undertakes reconstructive as well as aesthetic surgery, and may be able to help. Sometimes it is as simple as a scar revision, whilst sometimes the procedure needs to be revised more fully. Mr Price will be able to explain to you what is, and is not, realistic to expect.

If you would like to book in to see Mr Price, you can contact his secretary on 01954 715687, or on secretary@rdprice.co.uk. Please note that the consultation does carry a fee, regardless of whether Mr Price is able to help.