Liposuction is the technique of removing fat in order to contour the body. It is not a weight loss procedure and is sometimes referred to as Liposculpture, particularly in the USA. This is probably a very good description; the technique aims to alter the existing contours and thin away areas of fat that are resistant to dieting. Common areas include the abdomen, outer thighs, lower flanks (‘love-handles’) and around the knees and ankles.

Liposuction is carried out through a number of small cuts around the area to be sculptured. Fat is removed via specialised cannulae and the small incisions are closed with one or two sutures. Patients must wear a pressure garment for four weeks after surgery and will notice bruising in the areas treated.

Although a relatively safe procedure, patients should be aware that complications can arise and relate largely to accidental injury to underlying structures. In experienced hands it is, however, a safe procedure. There are recognised limitations to the procedure and limits on amount of fat to be removed, which Mr Price will discuss with you in your consultation.

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