Fine lines and wrinkles are a feature of the ageing face, particularly in smokers and those who have sunbathed throughout their lives. Whilst face lift surgery is good for tightening loose skin, fine lines are better treated with a Chemical Peel, which gives a ‘resurfacing’ effect, smoothing the surface of the skin.

Chemical Peel is a technique, carried out in clinic, which aims to produce a controlled burn to the skin. The procedure takes place after a few weeks of pre-treatment with cream, to thin down the protective layer of the skin. You will also need to take a course of antibiotics to minimise the chances of infection whilst healing takes place.

After thorough cleansing, Mr Price will carefully apply the chemical to your face in a planned manner. It is important not to repeatedly apply the peel to the same area because a deeper burn can result, with variability in the final result.

Because of the burn that the peel induces, patients should be aware of potential problems. After the procedure, your face will be sore for a number of days and olive oil should be applied regularly. Your face will lose its surface layer of skin and peel –  you may wish to alter your social schedule accordingly. The Peel also bleaches the skin and patients should be aware that repeated Chemical Peels run the risk of altering the tone of the skin in the areas to which it has been applied.

Mr Price will advise you appropriately regarding Chemical Peels.

To make an appointment to discuss Chemical Peels in Cambridge, please contact Mr Price’s secretary.