For a number of reasons, men may grow a small amount of breast tissue. This is entirely normal in certain phases of life, in particular around puberty or in old age, but in some men,  it persists beyond puberty. This abnormal growth is called gynaecomastia. Other causes for gynaecomastia include certain drugs or regular marijuana use.

Although rare, breast cancer can occur in men and so if you feel you are developing a growth in the chest or breast, you should see your doctor urgently. Gynaecomastia often affects both breasts and is a benign growth of tissue.

Removal of this tissue depends very much on the amount present. In mild cases, liposuction may be useful. If there is a large glandular component, then open excision may be needed. Mr Price will discuss with you which of the several procedures would best suit you and give you the best results.

To make an appointment to discuss Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia) surgery in Cambridge, please contact Mr Price’s secretary.