Breast Enlargement (augmentation) is the procedure to enlarge the breasts by insertion of implants under the breast. It is commonly carried out because the breasts are a different size or for ladies who want larger breasts for cosmetic reasons. It is important to note that if your breasts are drooping, they are unlikely to be corrected with augmentation alone and a  Breast Uplift (Mastopexy) procedure may be required to lift your breasts over the implants. Mr Price can advise you on this during your consultation.

The operation takes place under a general anaesthetic and whilst there are a number of methods of performing the procedure, the following is a description of the commonest technique carried out by Mr Price.

A small cut is made under the breast, near the fold. A pocket is then made to place the implant – this can be either directly under the breast tissue (sub-mammary), or under the muscle of the chest wall (sub-pectoral – the muscle is called the Pectoralis major). Once the pocket is made, a drain is placed and the implants inserted. The wounds are then sutured with dissolving sutures and dressings are applied.

The decision regarding whether the implant should be sub-mammary or sub-pectoral is made at the initial consultation with Mr Price. Generally, sub-mammary is Mr Price’s preferred position but this means that in the upper part of the breast, the implant is only covered by skin and fat – if you are slim, this may mean your implant is more obvious and so the sub-pectoral position may be better. The downside of the sub-pectoral position is that the cleavage is limited.

For information on the implants themselves, please look at the  Breast Implants page.

To make an appointment to discuss Breast Enlargement surgery in Cambridge, please contact Mr Price’s secretary.