Thigh Reduction

Thigh Reduction Surgery aims to remove excess skin in the thigh, usually after significant weight loss. As for all body contouring surgery, it is not a weight loss procedure in itself but aims to optimise the shape of the legs after a change in weight. Mr Price will advise you on your suitability for the procedure at your consultation.

Incisions are made on the inside of the thigh and excess skin and fat is removed, leaving a scar that is usually T-shaped at the top and, occasionally, at the bottom. Just above the knee it is not unusual to leave a small prominence at the end of the scar. This is so that the scar can finish above the knee and not continue down to the lower the leg.

After the operation you will have a pressure garment on, and drains – these will be removed before your discharge. The risks of the operation include poor scars, numbness around the knee and wound healing problems – though none of these are particularly common.

To make an appointment to discuss Thigh Reduction surgery in Cambridge, please contact Mr Price’s secretary.