Mr Price undertakes mole removal as an outpatient procedure, commonly as a ‘See & Treat’ procedure in order to keep the costs to the patient as low as possible. If you would prefer, however (or if you have lots of questions), the procedure can be carried out on a separate appointment to your consultation.

Mole removal can be undertaken in one of two ways. The mole can be shaved off, which will eventually leave a small white dot where the mole was, or they can be surgically removed, leaving a scar. This scar, however, is approximately 2-3 times the length of the mole and although it is usually a fine white line, patients should be aware that if they opt for this, the line will be there for life.

Please note that See & Treat appointments are for 30 minutes and if treatment within this time is not possible, then a second appointment for surgery can be booked.

To make an appointment to discuss Facial Surgery, please contact Mr Price’s secretary.